How to – EverFast Point Silver

WiFi-Network/EverFast is an international WiFi hotspots network with free of charge access developed by Wirtech.
In order to access this network you need to be registered. Once registration is carried out you will recive a text message with the password associated to your User ID.

We invite you to access https://www.wifi-network.eu/site/gdpr-conformity/ where you can check, among many other things, that:
• Your data (mobile phone number and eMail address) are stored in compliance with the GDPR and will not be transferred to third parties;
• Wirtech does not use Proxy server to map your ondine behavior.


If you do not already have valid credentials, select the WiFi Network SSID from those available in the area you are in, select the flag corresponding to the Country/language you wish to use and click on the Sign Up! button; screen (D) will then open.

To proceed with the registration it is sufficient to have a mobile phone number and an active eMail address.

Then fill in all the fields:

1) World Prefix (international phone code): from the drop-down menu select the Country code that your mobile phone number has been issued,
2) Mobile phone number: please enter the phone number without repeating the international area code,
3) eMail: please enter a valid eMail address,
4) Acceptance: read the Contractual conditions, the Privacy policy and the Regulation of use of the service and, if you agree, insert a flag and complete the transaction by clicking on the button SIGN UP! (6).

The system will immediately send a text message to your mobile phone with the password associated with your User ID which is formed by the phone number including the World prefix without the double initial zero.

For example: if your full telephone number is +44.123.4567890, where +44 is the international phone code for the United Kingdom, the UserID will be: 441234567890

registration siver

Access to the Internet

If you are already registered select the WiFi Network SSID afrom the networks available in the area you are in and click on the flag corresponding to the Country/language you wish to use and click on the Login button, screen (E) will then open.

Then enter your credentials:

2) Mobile phone number: enter the phone number with which you registered complete with the international prefix without the double initial zero,
7) Password: enter the password received via text message (sms),
and press Login (8).

We remind you that the credentials do not expire and are freely usable in all EverFast Points participating in the WiFi-Network/EverFast circuit, in all the Countries where it is active.

login silver