About us

Wirtech – Wireless Technologies is a London-based company specialising in wireless technology and internet. A series of brand and license acquisitions in several countries across Europe and our multilingual personnel have allowed us to focus our attention on an international clientele and meet even the most demanding requirements 24/7.

The free-access international connectivity service, WiFi-Network/EverFast, the professional e-mail marketing service, EverMail, and the domain name registration and maintenance portal, EverSolutions, are Wirtech’s main business areas and are based on ever-evolving proprietary software platforms.

EverFast products

EverFast is a WiFi internet connectivity platform that meets all the technical, legal, and administrative requirements of the European standards. Four solutions are available.


EverFast Free

Allows users to access the internet free of charge from public places, such as bars, restaurants, squares, and more.
This solution is used to manage the WiFi-Network/EverFast service.


EverFast Hospitality

Ensures internet access for the customers of your hotel, marina, campsite, or resort.
This solution is mainly used to manage PremiumPlus EverFast Points with access reserved for their clients.


EverFast Enterprise

This is the best choice for your enterprise. The EverFast platform and integration of the most advanced cryptography and firewall technologies allows you to provide your clients and collaborators with a fast, secure, and isolated connection to your company network.


EverFast Education

This protected internet access service is designed specifically for primary and secondary schools.
It makes use of a proxy server, whose filters are continuously updated online.