Access options

You can access the WiFi-Network/EverFast service choosing the option you prefer.
Choose the ones available among SILVER, SOCIAL or PREMIUM!

It’s free

Use your Facebook, Google+
or Twitter account

No registration required
Free and direct WiFi access from
all Social EverFast Points

How to do
It’s free

Use your cell phone number
as a User ID

Registration required
Your account will be valid up until
24.00 GMT of the following day. Extensible.
Free WiFi access from all
EverFast Points

How to do
It’s free

Ask for a WiFi Card from
the EverFast Point manager

Registration required
Unlimited account validity
Free WiFi access from
all EverFast Points
Access to the promotional services of
the EverFast Point where you got your WiFi card
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Mobile option
How to do