All the advantages of being an EverFast Point

All the EverFast Points in the WiFi-Network/EverFast circuit – which you can find in hundreds of tourist destinations, art, and historical cities – provide their customers with a free internet connection while promoting their business.
Join the network and find out all the advantages of being an EverFast Point!

Attract new customers

The widespread use of mobile devices has revolutionised user communication for work, study, and entertainment. Always more often, customers choose accommodation facilities with WiFi connection. Meet this requirement by becoming an EverFast Point!

Customer retention tools

When you become a Premium EverFast Point, we will provide you with WiFi cards to give to your customers.
These cards are customised with your logo and provide the User ID to sign up for the WiFi service in addition to providing other customer retention opportunities. Discover them all.

Direct marketing services

The multilingual newsletters and outbound SMS service of the EverMail platform allows you to schedule your business events and promote your initiatives even in real-time (with SMSs) in an effective and extensive way.


When you become an EverFast Point, you will have a valuable customer database, which will allow you to get relevant information from the statistics regarding access trends, time and days of greater or lesser use of the service, number of new customers/users, their country of origin, and much more.

Technical and regulatory support

The WiFi-Network/EverFast provides an extremely reliable service and ensures its full support, both during installation and subsequent use, thanks to its extensive network of dealers and maintenance technicians across the territory. You can count on a reliable partner, who will help you comply with the complex and ever-evolving regulatory framework that regulates public WiFi connections in the various countries of the European Union.